About David

Hi. I’m David

I’m a 33 year old follower of Jesus and husband to an amazingly beautiful Redhead.  We just had our first son and am super excited to now be a dad!

I’m passionate about music and how we worship through it.  I love leading worship andIMG_3388 one of my favorite sounds on earth is to hear a group of people singing giving praise to Jesus.  I’m also passionate about financial freedom.  After taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, a whole new world opened up for me to talk an guide people through budgeting and getting rid of debt.  This blog will be dedicated to unpacking Scripture and how it impacts our lives in a real, applicable way.

I’ve graduated from McNeese State University in Lake Charles, LA with a bachelor’s in Engineering Technology in 2007.  It was throughout my college years, and shortly after that I developed a love for worship and church music.  I have participated in various student bands and led just as many since about 2000.

Shortly after college I wanted to expand my knowledge about worship so I decided to go to seminary at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  During the time I worked on my master’s in Worship Ministries I was given the opportunity to work as a music minister in a small local congregation in the New Orleans metro area.  I am extremely grateful to this small church for giving me the opportunity to learn how to lead a church in worship.

In 2012 the redhead and I moved to Shreveport, LA to work with a camp organization called Clear. Through this ministry we’ve come to realize that there is extremely more to Christianity than we ever could have imagined.  We’ve experienced life change that allowed me to fully get rid of all pride and find genuine faith in Jesus along with many other things.

In 2015 God called us to move to Texas and plant a brand new church. Never thought I’d be in Texas, but I wouldn’t have it any other way than to follow the Lord. Life sure is an adventure, but the story I hope I tell is one of following the Lord in Faith!

I absolutely love life and enjoying things in it life great coffee, books, playing music and woodworking.


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