Do It Different

This past Sunday at The Bridge, we did church a little, no, a lot different than we’ve done it before. Honestly, it made me a little uncomfortable…


So this week, we did church in the park. It was a time for us to just gather together in a different environment, sing a little bit, have a teaching, and really just hang-out with each other. We grilled some hot-dogs and burgers and had a grand-ole time.

What made it SO uncomfortable for me was that I was outside of my own comfort zone. I like the dimly lit rooms with words projected on a screen and the amplified sound. In some ways I can hide here, but in others, it feels like a safe space to me.

Do you ever find yourself outside of your ‘Safe Space?’

I hardly ever do. Especially when it comes to leading worship. I’ve been in lots of different environments, exposed to many different styles, and led in some uncomfortable places, but never like this. Never have I ever led worship, until this past Sunday, in a publicly open park, with zero sound equipment, in broad daylight. So yes, I was uncomfortable.

In this The Lord reminded me of two things.

  1. If I want to lead people out of their own comfort zones, I have to be willing to go myself. I cannot take people where I haven’t been, or am not willing to go. If I consider myself a leader, I need to be the one in front.
  2. Worship cannot be contained to the walls of the building we occupy on Sunday Mornings. Worship is not simply singing 2-6 songs on Sunday. It’s far greater than our 60 minute gatherings. Worship is loving God with our entire beings and we simply cannot do that if we only attempt to engage on Sunday Morning.

This week for us was intentionally uncomfortable. Our desire was to change it up, create an environment more suitable for conversation. Yes, we still strive to be a church that goes out and shares Christ’s Love, but some days, you actually need opportunities to know the people around you. 

Here’s what we sang at The Bridge this week. 

10,000 Reasons- Matt Redman

How He Loves – John Mark MacMillan 


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