Some Sundays Are Hard

I’m not gonna lie. Some Sundays, doing my job is hard.

It can be a multitude of things really.

  • Setup goes slow
  • Morale of the team is down
  • Technology doesn’t work properly
  • It seems like everyone is sick but in reality it’s only one person
  • It’s a rainy day and attendance is down 20-30%. (When you’re a church plant, 20-30% is a lot)


I’ve found though that my worst of days, are the days I am spiritually drained. It’s the days I feel as though I have nothing left to give, but still have to give, that everything seems to really go crazy. Have you ever been there at your job? It’s not that you don’t love it, you just don’t have what it takes that particular day to do your best.

Ministry is hard that way. I feel the pressure to give my absolute very best each and every week. Mostly though, the pressure is my own. I strive for excellence in everything I do. I seek to give it my best, my all. I feel as though the people God has entrusted me with deserve my best every Sunday. This week was hard. This week, I didn’t give my all.

I didn’t take the time to prepare. I didn’t take the time to have a quiet time. I didn’t take the time to intentionally spend with God. I didn’t take the time to get filled up before going to pour out.

This week we sang a song about God’s Love. You may have heard of the song One Thing Remains. I think it’s a great reminder if we’re willing to be reminded.

This is the lyric capturing my heart today,

It {God’s Love} Overwhelms and Satisfies my Soul. 

Last week I didn’t feel it. As I said earlier, I feel as though I failed. But even typing this, it’s not about me. Yes, I can do better, but we choose to sing songs of truth at The Bridge Church.

It’s the songs of Truth that matter so much more than I ever will.

This week will be better. This week I’m choosing to spend more time in the word. Not studying to gain more knowledge about God. But to really just sit with Him. To be in His presence is what I long for.

Here’s what we sang at The Bridge this week.

10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman
One Thing Remains – Jesus Culture
Raised to Life – Elevation Worship
The Great I AM – New Life Worship


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