With One Voice

I’m loving the song To Our God by Bethel Music right now. I think it’s a great piece for our church as we’re building, to remember that if what we do now isn’t done in unity, we won’t have a fighting chance at accomplishing the vision God had given us.


At The Bridge we are about seeing broken people find healing. We love it when those far from God are transformed by Jesus. We love to hear stories about life change and faithfulness.

I think this song fits very well into that sentiment. The verses are about rising from death to life, the chorus is unity and the bridge is simply proclaiming the Gloriousness of Jesus. My favorite part is the opening verse,

Up from the ashes, Your love has brought us, out of the darkness into the light
Lifting our sorrowsBearing our burdens, Healing our hearts

From Darkness to Light

From Death to Life

That is what we sing about at The Bridge Church. Bringing light into the darkness. First in our own lives, then to our families, neighborhoods, cities, and so on. It’s not about a feel good, country club religion. It’s about truly fulfilling the calling God has placed in our lives, together, with one voice. 

Here’s what else we sang this past Sunday

To Our God – Bethel Music
Let It Echo – Jesus Culture
Cornerstone – Hillsong
Great I AM – New Life Worship



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