Just Leave It

We all go through changes in life. Sometimes we choose the change, and sometimes we just have to roll with it.


I remember when the iPhone first came out. Like most things, I didn’t ‘get it’ at first. Same as text messaging. I didn’t ‘get it’ at first either. But then I had that friend. He got the very first iPhone when it was released and was showing me all the cool things it could do so much better than anything else. From that point, I was in want. I was envious.

Fast forward to about 2010, I got my first iPhone. It was the iPhone 4 and I gladly invited this wonderful piece of technology into my life. SO much better than that weird slider phone I had that could actually fit into my pocket. On this new device I could have all the fun stuff at my finger tips. I remember downloading the goofiest, weirdest apps because that’s what was available. But I had this wonderful piece of tech so that didn’t really matter.

That was the start of today’s struggle.

My dad started telling us all when we’d go home for holidays and such that we didn’t own our phones, they instead owned us. I now get it. All those Little Red Dots that I’ve been talking about are addicting. If you’re like me, you pick up the phone just to see if there are any notifications, and if there aren’t, you’re actually disappointed. You forget that you’re surrounded by a room of people that might actually care about you and instead choose to dive into your digital world of mostly faceless interaction.

Here’s my struggle for today.

Since I started this Quitter Experiment, I’ve had the hardest time just leaving my phone alone. I can’t seem to just let it be. It calls to me from wherever I’ve left it; the kitchen drawer, my nightstand, console in my truck or even just the kitchen counter. Wherever it is, I have the hardest time letting go.

I really feel like Linus from Charlie Brown where he always has the blanket. You know what I mean? He takes it with him everywhere. The only difference is my blanket is an $800 piece of Apple equipment.

Am I alone in this? Do you feel like your device has power over your life? Mine surely does. If so, here’s the second part of my Quitter Experiment challenge to you and I…

2. Set the Device DOWN.
Set it down and leave it alone! It doesn’t need you and you don’t need it…It’s time to set it down in a place where I know where it’s at, but is completely obvious and intentional to pick up.

The key word for those sentences to me is the word Intentional. I don’t want my device to have power over me, especially when I’m, with my family. When I do pick it up, I want it to be for a purpose and not be distracted by the random notifications.

So let me know in the Comments. Do you Agree? Disagree? Have the same problem as I do? If you’ve figured out how to abolish the power of the device let us know as well!


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