Abolish the Little Red Dot

I’ve been going through a change in my life. One that isn’t easy but I feel in the long run will be worth it. One that we can all do, but have to choose. Abolish the Little Red Dot.

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Last week I wrote about three things we can do to disconnect from the control the little red dots have over our lives. Today is an update, and a little further investigation into point number 1.

  1. Turn OFF the Notifications.
    Yes. You read that correctly. Turn Off all non-essential notifications on your device. For me that means only being notified for Texts, Emails and that odd-ball Phone Call.

Here’s what I decided to do, and how I got there. I actually decided that I don’t need any notifications on my phone except for Text, Email and the random Phone-Call (Hi mom:))


Well, because if someone needs me for anything other than those three forms of communication, it’s just not that important! 

Communicating through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on are fine forms of getting in touch with people. But think about this – how quickly you respond trains the people you are talking to. Whether it’s social media or not, your response rate will eventually be a standard in which people expect to hear back from you. If you pick up every call on demand, people will think you are always available, then eventually expect you to answer on the first or second ring.

What if you actually took some time to say, “Self, you’re not answering any calls from A-D.” Are you really that important to the people outside of your family? Probably not. If you answer text immediately you’re doing the same thing.

Here’s my solution – pick a time that communication is off limits. This could be date night, family dinner time, or the even just the first 30 minutes when you get home. Leave work at work and be present with your family when you get home.

The iPhone has a great feature called “Do Not Disturb” that you could use, turn it on vibrate, or do something crazy and actually turn the device OFF. I use the do not disturb for nights, but am going to try and put the phone in a specific drawer when I get home until at least after dinner. Remember, my whole purpose in this experiment is to abolish the power, of the Little Red Dot.

What about you? What notification do you let through on your device? Do you feel like they have power over your life?


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