Creation Theory


One of the things in my life I’ve come to only begin to grasp the last few years, is that the Lord created me. He created you. He created all of us – even the family you can’t stand this Christmas season. None of us were formed from random atoms colliding, we didn’t come from a laboratory and we haven’t been time warped from another dimension. We were all created, formed in our mother’s womb and birthed onto earth. Today’s Proverb says this…

The rich and poor have this in common;
The Lord made them both.
-Proverbs 22:2

I really like David’s writing in Psalm 139 on this subject. He says that the Lord made the delicate parts and knit us together. We are complex beings from the start. Paul says we are God’s masterpiece – all of us. Jeremiah tells us that the Lord knew us before we were formed in the womb. He has a purpose for us all.

It’s when I even begin to grasp that I was formed for a purpose, I begin to loose the doubts and fears. Think about it, the creator of the universe know you by name. He calls you son or daughter and wants to know and be known by you intimately.

I’ll leave you with a song that I came across a couple of years ago and absolutely fell in love with. In it, the writer takes us through this truth of scripture – that you and I, are children of God.

Find the video here.


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