Personal Cabinet of Advisors


If you’re paying attention to any news lately, you know that our new president-elect is in the process of choosing cabinet members. Now, I’m not getting into personal political opinions here as that is beyond the scope of this post, and this blog. Today is more about leadership. And since we’re now post election, I figured this was a good Proverb to highlight today.

Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisors brings success.
Proverbs 15:22

Have you ever been in a leadership position and thought you had to have all the answers? I have. It’s a daunting place to be in. What do you do when something goes wrong, and you don’t know what to do? What do you do when faced with something you’ve never encountered before? Sometimes you have to make decisions based on limited knowledge. But what if you had advisors to help guide along the way?

As I’ve grown in my leadership abilities and responsibilities, I’ve learned that I don’t have to be the smartest person in the room or have all the answers. My job as a leader is to ask the right questions. John Maxwell says this in The 21Irrefutable Laws of Leadership,

“Navigating leaders get ideas from many sources. They listen to members of their leadership team. They talk to people in their organization to find out what’s happening on the grassroots level. And they spend time with leaders from outside the organization who can mentor them” page 41.

Leaders chart the course for the organization. But in order to do so effectively, they must know what is going on within the organization. That is why many companies have boards with trusted advisors sitting on them. It is why our President chooses cabinet members with different areas of expertise. Each person brings different experience and opinions to the table in order to chart what they believe to be the best course for the organization.

But this doesn’t just have to happen on a large or small scale organizational level. Why not take these same principles and put them in place on a personal level? Having our own personal cabinet of advisors might actually be a wise thing to do.

When it comes to areas of my life, I’ve learned to ask questions from different people for different things. I ask leadership questions from leaders who lead well. I ask for marriage advice from people who have, what I consider, a healthy relationship. I ask financial advice from no one other than Dave Ramsey… ok kidding… kinda. Actually I ask for financial advice from people who live cash lifestyles like I do – not ones who are drowning in debt. I’m going to be a parent soon, so my wife and I are asking parenting advice from parents in different stages of parenting. I subscribe to The Worship Initiative by Shane and Shane for worship leading insight and ideas. I see where people are and ask them questions on how I can get there myself, if I like the results I see in their life.

So I encourage you do build your own cabinet. I suggest you look for advisors or mentors in these five areas just to start;

Personal Finance

I add Leadership, Church Planting and Worship Leading to mine but that’s pretty specific to me.

So who’s on your list? If you don’t have a specific person, find a podcast and begin there. The point is to be wise, we must surround ourselves with those smarter than us.


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