Have you ever thought about a person’s motives? Wondering why they acted or reacted in a certain way. Is it selfishness or caring, generosity or greedy, mean or kind, sacrificial or self-preserving? I’m sure you’ve seen these qualities in all kinds of people. I know I have.

But what about ourselves. We all have these qualities in some form along the way. Every situation calls for a different action or. Every circumstance that we encounter allows us a chance to choose how we react.

Today’s Proverb simply says this,

“For the Lord see clearly what a man does,
examining every path he takes.”
-Proverbs 5:21

The Lord examines our paths. He examines our motives. He knows how and why we do the things we do.

I have a strong tendency to self-preserve. I don’t like things that might possibly cause me any kind of emotion or physical harm. I am an avoider. I don’t really like conflict. So my actions tend to lean in that direction. It takes constant work everyday for me to be a caring or generous person. Honestly, it’s only when I continually stay with the Lord, that I am able to accomplish this.

So I want to ask you some questions,

What are your motives? If you were to take a genuine look at the person in the mirror, would you like what you see? Are your motives pure? Are they self seeking or intended to benefit others?

Be honest with yourself. If you don’t like what you see, make a plan to change it.


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