Undeserved Blessings

Have you ever recieved something and wondered ‘Why?’ or ‘Where did this come from?’ or ‘Did I do anything to deserve this?’

I’ve been asking this question a good bit the past few weeks.

It seems that at just the right spot, God has sent the right blessing that I frankly didn’t know I needed. Whether in the form of money, a second job, new relationships, encouragement from established relationships, or opportunities to do what I love most (lead worship) – the Lord has truly been pouring out his blessing on my life. So it leads me to ask, ‘Why?’

Why give this to me now? Why this exact thing in this moment? What did I do to deserve this? The answer is…

Absolutely Nothing. I have done absolutely nothing to deserve any of it.

Throughout the Scripture, we are continually given instance after instance of God’s blessing. He chose and blessed Abram, Joseph, Moses and Israel. He blessed David and Solomon.

Jesus taught about God’s blessings during his short three year ministry. At one point he said instructed that we shouldn’t worry about what we have, because God will give everything we need. At another point he taught that the Father gives good gifts to those who ask. (Matt 6:33 & Matt 7:11 for those who want to know).

Paul also wrote to the Roman church that we have been given underserved privilege because of our faith in Christ (Romans 5:2).  He later explained that God loved us so much, that he sent Christ to take our sins and gave us a Holy Spirit to fill us with his love.

So I’ve been blown away lately. The Lord has truly decided to pour out blessings. I’ve seen it in my life and in the lives of some of my friends. Yes, money and a second job is great, but my purpose in life is not to make money. The greatest blessings have been the life giving conversations and opportunities to lead worship at a camp recently.

I am truly thankful for the blessings and my heart is full. But I don’t deserve one bit of it.


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