As this morning has goes on, my heart grows heavy.


Last night there was an attack on the Dallas police. Some people decided they hated cops so much, that they wanted to take action and kill some.

We all struggle to find an explaination. To make sense of it all. The way we see the world plays a major part in that. How we see the world determines how we treat the world. How we see people determines how we treat people.

I see the world through the lens of Christianity. Believing that all people deserve to be shown the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Believing that Scripture teaches that we are all loved by a heavenly Father and that he calls us Son and Daughter. Believing that even though we don’t deserve grace and blessings, The Father pours them out freely to his people.

So to me, #blacklivesmatter, #bluelivesmatter, #alllivesmatter, etc. are cries for help. The cries of God’s children to be noticed and loved. To feel safe in this crazy world.

My opinion is that all these hashtags and causes just take the focus away from the real issue. It turns our focus back to looking at each other of different colors. It turns our focus into viewing uniformed police as the enemy, no longer there to protect us. It turns the focus into people believing they can be the solution to a problem that is far bigger than any one hashtag group.

The issue is that our people have forgotten or intentionally walked away from the God of love. The greatest command in Scripture is to Love God first, then love your neighbor as yourself. I paraphrased Luke 10:27 but you can read it here.

Hate will not solve the world’s problems. Only loving people can. And honestly, the love of people will only go so far. We need a higher power. One whose love is infinite. We (the Church of God) needs to rise up and show all people the love that we ourselves have experienced.

So yes, #PrayForDallas, Orlando, Baton Rouge, Minnesota and any of the others I may have missed. It is a tradgey when an innocent life is lost to pure hatred and evil.

But Church, it’s time to rise up. Church, it’s time to get out of the building and show the love of Christ to the very people you are afraid of. Church, you have a mission, it’s time to fulfill it.



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