The House on Sycamore

This past year has been a year of crazy transition for my wife and I. We have both quit our jobs, traveled with a fantastic summer camp ministry, moved to Texas to be involved with a church plant, lived with gracious friends, bought a house, closed a church, planned for a new church, and as of yesterday, sold a house without a permanent place to live.

But honestly though, this post is about what the Lord has done in our lives.


See, we weren’t supposed to be able to buy a house in the first place. Mostly because the first few people we talked to said we could only take out a very small mortgage – which would amount to nothing in our city. Plus we didn’t really have the money saved to begin with.

But we kept praying and couldn’t get it out of our spirit that the Lord had a house for us. So after a while we contacted another mortgage agent and learned we could in fact qualify for a loan. Then this house we had been eyeing for a couple of months became available at a cheaper price than it had originally listed for. Long story short – we moved into that house right before Christmas of 2015.

Fast forward a couple of months and we learned that our church, the whole reason we moved, would be closing and relocating. We were on board with this decision and decided to stay on board as we discussed moving to a completely new location – which would mean we would have to move. At this point we had only been our home 3 1/2 months.

To be transparent, I was mad at the Lord. I mean he lead us to a new city to work with His church, gave us a desire to build a community, and even gave us a house we shouldn’t have been able to have.

The thing I was most upset about though was losing our house. We had just gotten there. It had finally felt like home. It was our first home. We painted. Put in a chalkboard prayer wall. We wanted to start a family there. Build community there. The Lord had really blessed us beyond anything we could have imagined and we loved this home.

But God works in crazy ways sometimes. He asked us to give it back. I wish I could say this has been an easy process, but it hasn’t been. I got attached to that house and didn’t want to give it up. I got attached to the wood, brick & mortar, sheetrock, paint and wood floors. Mostly though, I think I was attached to the idea of it being a place of family and community. That was hard to let go of.

After a while we finally let go. We said “Ok” and let God do his thing, and He has once again done it better than we could have. Once again we have been blessed immensely more than we could have imagined with the selling of our home. When we said ok we starting praying for the right family to come along to purchase the house on Sycamore, and they have. Before they even saw the house we were praying for them and we believe the prayers we laid down for family and community will be transferred over to them because we asked for it.

The Lord does crazy things sometimes. We don’t always understand them but I believe that in the end he works everything together for our good and the Glory of His name.


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