What I’m Reading: June ’16

This month has been just as busy as the last. Yet I’m still surprised at my drive to sit down and learn – or at least read. I think it gives me a sense of calmness in the middle of chaos.

Crazy Love by Francis Chan – This book came out in the late 2000’s and was the first of many that I read on changing the status quo of the American Church. Eight years later I think it’s content is still relevant today. It’s a challenging yet inspiring book on living the Christian faith as called for from Scripture.

A Man Called Blessed by Ted Dekker – After reading Blessed Child I had to read the sequel book. I think I actually bought this the same day I finished the first and read through it pretty quick. It’s a great story about how God fulfilled his covenant through Jesus and how we no longer need sacrifice or religious relics to interact with a Holy God. Even if you don’t like spiritual books, I’d say its a good action novel to read with plenty of turns along the way.

Planting Missional Churches by Ed Stetzer – Now that I’m doing church planting, I figured I needed to learn something about it. This book by is a great resource and I’ve found many insights into the world of church planting. The focus of this book is pretty narrow, so if you’re not a church leader it may not be for you.

The links will take to straight to the Amazon.com page for each book. No, I don’t get anything from linking books – just like to share what is impacting me. Hope you decide to give one of them a try.


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