Have you ever stopped and thought about how your opinions and beliefs have changed over time? What you once thought was absolute, may actually be subjective to your certain world-view. What you once thought was normal seems crazy now or maybe what you once thought was crazy is now perfectly normal. I’ve had some conversations this week that has made me think my own journey through life, and the changes in my own thinking and beliefs over the past few years.

Here’s what I mean. I’ve grown up in church. If you’ve read my blog at all you know I’m not ashamed to talk about my faith on here. Early on in my life, I wanted to know a lot about God. His Character. His Traits. How he acted and reacted as described in Scripture.

Actually thinking about it now, I wanted to have more knowledge about the Scripture than anything else. My good baptist roots taught me that. Everything comes from knowing the Bible. Basically, the thought is, ‘knowledge is power’ and the answer to every problem in life was answered with ‘read you bible and pray.’ I even went to seminary to get more knowledge of the Bible & learn how to do church ‘the right way.’

But as I’ve grown over the past few years, I’ve come to recognize that I want to know less about God, and wanting to simply experience God. In my life, knowledge is no longer the drive. I want to experience God. I’m at a place where I want to be so close to him on the mountain, that when I come down all people can see is his radiance. (Check out Exodus 33:12-23 & Exodus 34:28-35 if you don’t understand that reference).

I’ve also come to the realization that our faith is much more than knowledge. As I read the scripture more and more, things like the works of the Holy Spirit jump off the page whereas in the past, I intentionally suppressed them. I want to dive into the spiritual realm of our faith – literally pursuing the fullness of the kingdom of God. Honestly, I want to see the work of the Holy Spirit here on earth, as in heaven. I want to experience the spiritual gifts that he has for each of us.

Don’t get me wrong here – sound doctrine and knowledge of the scripture is vitally important to our faith. It gives us a solid framework. I just believe that there is more to it than knowledge of the bible. I believe the Holy Spirit actually speaks to us and can guide us to do some crazy and illogical things in the world’s eye. Sometimes it’s a certain conversation while other times it’s for us to pick up and move to a whole new place to fulfill a calling he’s placed inside us.

I guess my point is this. Don’t be afraid to let God change and adapt your beliefs and opinions of Him and His work. There is so much more life when we actually seek the fullness of God.


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