Book Review: Your Daily Brain

As some of you know I occasionally do some book review here on my blog. Now these are not by any means analytical or in-depth reviews but more so how I interacted with it. Sometimes I learn things and other times I struggle to finish them. In any case I am glad that I’m able to do this for free as I receive the books from Multnomah Publishers in return for an honest review.

UnknownThe book I’m writing on today is Your Daily Brain: 24 Hours in the Life of Your Brain by The Minds Behind Marbles: The Brain Store with Garth Sundem. In it the authors take the reader though the daily activities of our brain, starting with the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep at night. They say, “From the minute your alarm clock buzzes in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night, your daily activities – everything from doing a crossword puzzle to parallel parking – are part of a process for how you evaluate the world, make choices and decisions, and reach short-term goals while keeping your eyes on the bigger ones.”

I chose this book because I wanted to get into something different than what I normally review, which is typically one of the latest Christian spiritual growth books. I was intrigued when I started. The book is divided into three sections; The Morning, The Day, and The Evening, which is further divided into the appropriate hours for that time of day.

I was really on-board in the early chapters when the authors were discussing ‘morning people’ since I consider myself a morning person. They say, “Studies show that morning people are generally more stable, responsible, agreeable, and optimistic” (26). Yea, I can get behind that for the most part, but I do know some grumpy morning people.

I’m also a learner, so when they started explaining that challenging our brains is actually good for us. They said it this way, “…if there’s anything you should take away from this book, it’s that constantly doing new things is good for your brain” (43). Finally! Someone gets why I like to always try new things.

They also take us through ideas that discuss why people are losing the ability to navigate without modern technology, why some people genuinely cannot parallel park, and what colors promote calmness in the workplace. We learn why we can’t remember our grocery list and why Americans prefer to commute alone. And the biggest question of all – Do our smart devices actually inhibit our ability to go to sleep at night?

Overall this book contained a lot of interesting facts. It would could be a good bathroom reader for those of you that like those. I found it boring at times but I like random facts about all kinds of things so I decided to finish it up. Anyway, If you’d like a copy here’s a direct link to Amazon.

Thanks for reading!



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