At the Cross (Love Ran Red)

Have you ever had a song completely captivate your attention? One, where when you listen to it, time just seems to stop for 3-4, maybe 8 minutes. Maybe when you listen to this song over and over again, the words seem to hang around long after they’re actually gone. It’s that song your iTunes library shows that you’ve listened to it 144 times and everything else only has about 10-20 plays.

I’ve had a few of those songs over the years. The ones where I actually know all of the lyrics and guitar parts. O Praise Him by the David Crowder Band was probably the first one of these for me. It is probably one of my all time favorite worship songs. As of late though, I’ve had a couple other songs catch my attention.

Today I’ll only share my thoughts on one of them, At The Cross, by Chris Tomlin. Now I have to be honest, Tomlin songs are not my favorites. To me they typically sound the same and that bugs me. As a musician I really love artist who are creative and try new things.

There are different parts of different songs that seem to hold more meaning than others. Occasionally it’s a specific verse, often though, it’s a chorus or bridge that really connects with us today. Maybe that’s because they’re the repetitive parts of the song, I don’t have a real reason why – but they are what get me more than not.

Now I don’t know what caught me about this song first. It could have just been the environment – I was at the Harvest America event here in Dallas when I really first paid attention to it – so maybe that’s it. But in that moment the words, “At the cross I surrender my life. I’m in Awe of You. Where Your love ran red, I owe all to you.” really caught my attention, so I listened intently. Then these lines came up in the bridge:

Here my hope is found, Here on Holy ground. Here I bow down.
Here arms open wide, Here you saved my life. Here I bow down down.

I love how the chorus and bridge connect here. It’s saying, here at the cross, hope can be found. The cross was place of absolute surrender. When Jesus’ blood poured out on the cross he gave his life so that all of our sins could be washed white as snow. It’s only when we accept this sacrifice with arms open wide can our hope be found.

This song points us back to putting our hope in the Lord. In Christ. It’s in surrender to Christ that we can fully live.

Here is a link to the song if you want to give it a listen.


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