Sunday Setlist: March 6

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I think that guitar players might be the only ones to truly get what happened this Sunday at The Bridge….

Right now at The Bridge I am the only musician when it comes to Sunday morning worship. So needless to say – the playing of the music falls on me. I also happen to be the worship leader so I guess that’s just part of it. Anyway.

Well halfway through my second song this week, the worst thing that I can think of happened. A case of the broken string. Yup. The only instrument we have was now going along limp. And to top it off I couldn’t get it back in tune – but I think that only bothers me.

If you’ve ever been in that spot you know what it’s like. Everyone is already watching you as the leader – then you’re left to figure out what to do in the moment. If you’re like me you’re not a think in the moment person. I tend to freeze honestly. It’s getting better but I get thrown off when the plan gets sidetracked.

Like I said at the top – guitar players are probably the only ones that really understand this.

But what I tend to learn from these instances is that it lets us as worship leaders connect to our people in a way we couldn’t otherwise. Sometimes, because we’re on the stage, we’re put on a pedestal or the perception is we have it all together and it has to be perfect. When mistakes happen onstage, whether its our fault or not, people get to see a different side of their worship leaders. They get to see how we react in unplanned situations. Do we freak out and freeze, play it off like nothing happened (I used to do this a lot), or acknowledge it and move on.

This week I had no option other than to acknowledge the broken string and just move on. I got a couple of laughs by personifying the guitar and calling it ‘mean’ but hey, it literally wasn’t playing nice anymore.

All of that to say this. Regardless of what happened during a 20 min worship set with the lead instrument, we were able to engage with God – and that my friends is the point. The Lord constantly uses broken people, places, things (in this case a broken guitar string) to show His love for us.

Here’s what we sang at The Bridge Church this week:

Your Love Never Fails – Jesus Culture
10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman
One Thing Remains – Jesus Culture
Great Are You Lord – All Sons and Daughters



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