Sunday Setlist: February 21


Sometimes these blog post are easy to write. Other times it takes writing and rewriting to make it right. I feel like today is one of those days. Some days leading worship at church can be the exact same way. Some are easy, and seem to flow extremely well. Others take work to really press through to lead people.

This week was hard for me. We found out late in the week that the terms of our meeting space were changing and we didn’t know what that would mean for our church. Honestly we went through all of Sunday not knowing if next week would be our last one in this location or not.

So it was hard to lead. At times I felt as though it was time to get the singing over with. I know it’s bad when the worship leader thinks that but I did. But I chose to push through. I thought maybe, just maybe the Lord has something for somebody in one of these songs this morning. And I was right, He did – Me.

It was the chorus of the last song that I began to be open this week. Singing the lines “give me faith – to trust what you say” was hard because I just wanted an answer for our new location issue. But the more I sang it, the more I meant it. The more I wanted the faith that it so small, yet it can move a mountain.

So, we don’t have a full answer to our meeting location yet – but God is doing something great in our church. Leading us to trust in his leadership.

Here’s what we sang at The Bridge this week:

Unstoppable God – Elevation Worship
To Our God – Bethel Music
Great Are You Lord – All Sons and Daughters
Give Me Faith – Elevation Worship


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