Sunday Setlist: February 14

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So we’ve been going through what we’re calling a vision series. Basically we are sharing the vision of The Bridge, who we are, why we exist and where we are going. We’ve been through 3 of the 6 parts so far and I really believe it’s been good. If nothing else, it is helping those of us in leadership regain clarity of our purpose.

So that being said – It has been refreshing to see a new spark at The Bridge. I believe we went through a time of pruning but new life is coming. We were focused on some of the wrong things. Things that Satan wanted us to see rather than what God has for us. For my side of ministry – that means being extremely choosy on what to have in our library for this particular season.

Yes, I know there are fantastic worship songs everywhere. Yes, a lot of them mean something to someone. Yes, the hymns of old contain a lot of heritage and tradition. But not all of them are for this season in our church’s life.

Right now the Lord is leading me to camp out on songs of Redemption, Restoration, Healing, etc. Songs that refocus are identity as children of God. It’s these songs that I truly believe are for The Bridge Church at this point.

So here is what we sang at The Bridge on this past lovely Valentine Sunday;

Glory to God – Fee
No Longer Slaves – Bethel Music
Amazing Grace – traditional hymn
Take A Moment – United Pursuit



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