Sunday Setlist: January 31

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This week we started a new series that we’re calling Contagious. We are really excited about this series because we are sharing the heart and purpose of The Bridge Church right here in Celina, TX.

I really love what our pastor Matthew shared yesterday in his message. He said that the Christian faith is a contagious one. It’s not designed to stay inside of monasteries, fellowship halls and churches… It’s designed for the streets and the homes. It’s purpose is to be contagious!

What we’re about at The Bridge is leading people from where they are, to where God wants them to be. Part of that is learning to Love God. For me, this can actually be a hard one. I’ve learned to love God for what he’s done for me, (Salvation through Christ, breaking the strongholds of porn and fear, and so on), but I have a hard time just loving God for who he is. I’m learning to love God for just being good and loving.

I also am in a place where I want more of God. I want more of his Spirit. I know there is more to faith than being a good person on Sundays acting like I have it all together. I know this sounds selfish, but I’m not satisfied with where I’m at. I see more in scripture. I’m tired of downplaying the role of the Holy Spirit that my Baptist background is so good at. I frankly believe there is more to faith than Sunday morning worship gatherings

So this is where our song choices are coming from at The Bridge right now. They are coming from a personal place belief that there is more. More for me. More for you. More for our church and city.

The Lord wants to do great things in the city of Celina, TX and we want to be a vessel of that just part of that at The Bridge.

So here’s what we sang this week:

Only King Forever – Elevation Worship
Holy Spirit – Torwalt
Here’s My Heart – Crowder
The Great I AM – New Life Worship


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