Sunday Setlist: January 24


Sometimes it’s really hard to sit down and describe what happens on a Sunday. Sometimes it’s really easy. Today is the former. Words just seem to keep escaping my fingertips.

Honestly, it’s sometimes it’s just hard to describe something in a positive light, especially if my own personal experience was the opposite. Ok, maybe not opposite, but for a dreamer anything short of the clouds is a let down.

As a worship leader I really believe it’s my job to lead people to engage with God on any given Sunday. When attendance is low, it’s easy to get discouraged and hear that people don’t won’t to engage. Satan says, “They don’t care enough to sing.” or “They don’t like what you’re doing, so they’re not coming.” I wish he would just shut up and leave me alone when I lead. But the truth is, he doesn’t. He’s there to steal joy, kill encouragement, and destroy any hope of our gathering engaging with God.

Another truth is, I’m there to lead people in engaging with God. whether they choose to follow or not is not always a reflection of how the Lord is using me on a particular Sunday. So whether it’s one or all, I’m not backing down. The Lord has called me to lead his church so that’s what I’m going to do.

Every Sunday is a battle.

Every Sunday is potential for walls to be broken and hope to be restored.

We have already won.

It’s my job to lead. To push through. To fight, in worship.

Here’s our Sunday Setlist;

10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman
To Our God – Bethel Music
Great Are You Lord – All Sons & Daughters
Nothing but the Blood – Jesus Culture



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