Sunday Set List: Dec 13

Ah the Christmas Season is upon us. Which means that all worship leaders across America have been putting into motion plans made months ago…


I really do love Christmas. It’s time of the year where we make it a point to spend time with family near and far. We make it a point to put other people before ourselves and generosity seems to pour out all over the place.

For the church world, Christmas is a time of big productions and singing of carols. It’s a time where our music changes. When all of the songs seems to be about the birth of Jesus. Songs that work so hard to paint the picture of what happened at that time so long ago.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Christmas music In fact I’m listening to David Crowder Band’s album Oh For Joy as I write this. Sometimes, it’s just hard to really connect and worship with these songs.

So I want to ask you to do something. Take your favorite Christmas song, carol or hymn, and just sit with the lyrics. Read over them as you would a poem or story. Imagine what the author is saying through those particular words, and if you don’t understand one (like pining from O Holy Night) looks it up. The song may gain some life or understanding for you.

Here’s what we sang at The Bridge Church this week;

Unstoppable God – Elevation Worship
Angels from the Realms of Glory / Emmanuel – Paul Balochi
The First Noel – David Crowder Band
Good Good Father – Housefires 


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