What I’m Reading: November

The past couple of months have been extremely difficult for me to read. In fact, I think it’s taken the past couple of months just to read this book. It’s just been a crazy busy season of change in our lives that have made things like reading head straight to the back burner. Things like new jobs, moving to a new city, and searching for a house really tend to take precedence.

But I did finish one, and a good one at that. You may disagree, but I liked it. It’s a book that takes a wildly popular topic, yet not talked about much, and turns it back around to flow against the grain of our society. I think it’s a great book for everyone, and even if you disagree with it, I believe you’ll have read something of value. So here it is…

The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating by Andy Stanley


In this book Andy explores what our culture has to say about dating and compares it to what God has to say about dating. This book isn’t about trying to get anything from you, however to give something to you. So if you’re a parent of teenagers or single adult I would definitely give this book a read. If you’re married like me, read it anyway. You’ll also benefit from Andy’s wisdom on loving your spouse.


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