Day 28: Fire

Man’s best friend is not a dog.
Man’s best friend, at least mine anyway, is Fire.


Ok. Just being goofy there. But really. Have you ever thought what you would do if we didn’t have fire.

I mean, fire was the first stove. Used in the first oven. The first grill. It was used in steam machinery, black-smithery, and firepower. We use heat for a lot of stuff.

I am thankful for the cave-man discovery of fire. Because without it, life would just be raw cold meat with vegetables picked right off the plants. Ok, so of you ay like that but not me. I like it hot and cooked.

I always like heat in the winter. Mostly because I hate being cold. But to be able to go inside a building, where the climate is controllable is pretty amazing.

But the crazy part – I like to sit around a campfire and watch wood burn. to see it go from a tree to log to ash is fascinating. How it dehydrates and creates a wonderful smell. And don’t forget the snap,crackle and pop that comes along with it. Fires are my favorite part of winter.

So, that being said, I’m glad winter in approaching. It’s time for some backyard fires.


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