Day 27: Heritage

Heritage. History. Tradition. How many of us ever take a moment to look back and see just where we’ve come from?


We can learn a lot from our past. What they tell us in history class is that ‘History always repeats itself’ and it’s usually the case. Countries go to war with each other because of a different world-view. Advances in technology will happen – now they just happen really fast. And people come and go.

Our heritage can teach us a lot. It tells us what made the past generations do what they did, and now we either romanticize or demonize their actions. Two examples; World War 2 and Vietnam. We romanticize WW2 for heroics because as a country, we believed in the cause. The opposite happened for Vietnam because trust was broken from our leadership so unity quickly dissipated and our troops were viewed as the villains.

But what about our personal heritage. The one that involves your family. I know some about my ‘grands’ and a little about my ‘greats’ as I imagine you are the same way.

But I am thankful for what I do know. That both my grandfather’s were welders. One built all kinds of things in North Louisiana and didn’t have much. The other stayed with one company for so long that he got the gold watch, yet still didn’t have what we would call a lot. But they both willingly provided for their families – a trait that carried to my parents and I hope to see carried out in mine one day.

Anyway, the point is, go find something out about your own heritage. Maybe it will clear up some things for you in the way your family operates today.


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