Day 26: The Internet

Oh Internet. You’ve been my friend for so long, I literally cannot remember what life was like before you…


OK. So maybe that was a little over the top sarcastic. But I’m like that sometimes if you haven’t already figured it out.

But really though. I am thankful for the Internet. I mean, we live in the information age. Anything you want to know is available for you to find at the push of a button – or by tapping on a screen, sans-button.

The internet is a place of dangerous wonder. You really can find what you’re looking for if you just type in the right keywords. I mostly use it for researching songs for church, posting this blog, watching Netflix, and that blasted Facebook. Yup, most of my time surfing the inner web is utterly useless – but so is yours so don’t judge…

Anyway, on this lovely Thanksgiving day, tell somebody around you why you are thankful for them. Who knows, it may mean more to them than what that old high-school classmate put on Facebook. 🙂


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