Day 23: The Clouds

In continuing our 30 Days of Thanksgiving post, we’re going to look up. Like way up….


Yea, all the way up to those white puffy things that appear in the clouds now and then. All the way to the clouds.

Are you a dreamer? I’m not talking about the nighttime R-E-M sleep stage dreamer, although that’s good, more so the day-dreamer type. The person that used to always enter another world in class only to come back to the teacher calling your name? Or, maybe you’ve been accused of always having your head in the clouds. I know I have.

But I like the clouds. It’s pretty up here most of the time. Fluffy. Soft. Quiet at times. Everything always seems to work out for the best.

Yes, the clouds can be a dangerous place. Mostly because dreamers can easily get their clouds busted and crash land back in reality. It hurts to crash land. Trust me, I’ve been there. Not physically, but in the metaphorical sense we’re talking about here. But there is a high positive to the clouds.

See, the clouds are where the impossible happens. It’s where the ideas come from that shift and shape the world around us. It’s where ideals are born – dreaming of a better future. And you know as well as I do, that ideals, the belief that it can be better, is something worth fighting for.

In the corporate world, we call dreamers visionaries. We celebrate the fact that they can think outside of the box. Outside of the possible. Just take a look at Steve Jobs and what happened to Apple in the early 2000’s. It was an explosion of ideas, turned into devices, that completely changed the world as we know it.

So I like the clouds. I’m thankful for the days I can dream about the future of my family, or church, or friends. It’s those dreams that help drive who I am. And once those dreams start to take shape into something real, such as a vision or goal, it’s time to go to work.


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