Day 21: The Apprentice

No. I am not talking about the TV Show. I’ve probably only seen one episode and didn’t really like it, so moving on…

Today I would like to thank those that have allowed me to pour into them . It is truly an honor to lead someone and pour into their lives the things that we think would be beneficial for them.

From you I’ve learned what it takes to truly love someone, even when things don’t go as planned. I’ve learned from you what leadership truly means, investing in people for their benefit, not mine.

I’ve had the opportunity to know your most troubling moments in life and also some of the best. To discover God’s truth together has definitely been one of the greatest things I’ve experienced.

So to those that think I have something worth giving you, and believe that I am a leader worth following – Thanks.

Read more of my 30 Days of Thanksgiving post here.


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