Day 20: Mentors

Have you ever stopped and thought about where you would be if you had to do it all by yourself? I mean, would we ever learn to walk, or talk, or even feed ourselves if we didn’t have someone show us how to do it.

Or take school for instance. We learn all that stuff, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic and for what? You’ve probably said, ‘I’ll never use this anyway.’ And for some of it you are probably right. I still don’t understand why Algebra 2 is required, yet financial math is nowhere to be found. At least we all use finances – not everyone wants to draw graphs and such. Anyway, I digress

Sure, we learn a lot by observing, but we learn SO much more when someone takes the time to teach us. I’m thankful for those people in my life.

Like my dad, who taught me how to use tools and fix stuff. How to cut wood and work on cars. He even taught me how to drive by sticking me on a tractor to mow the grass of our massive yard. Then there’s mom, who taught me manners and how to be polite. She taught me the basics of cooking and how to take care of myself.

Then there are those other people. The one’s that first introduced me to running a sound console at church. Or my first youth minister who gave the my first opportunity at leading worship.

Mentors have continued on through my life. Now it’s pastors, both near and far, that know me and know which direction to push me not only to make me better, but the team around me. Some are friends that have different experience than I, but I know that I can call on them for advice.

So today, I’m thankful for those people that found it beneficial to pour into my life.


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