Day 19: Old School

I love technology. I would honestly be a gadget geek, buying everything I could when it first comes out, but that gets expensive and I’ve found better things to do with money. I love text and email most of the time. It’s easy, quick, you can do it from just about anywhere and free for the most part.


However sometimes, there is just nothing better than to receive something old school. Something that took the sender time and forethought to produce. And it cost them a little something to communicate with you. Yup. You probably guessed it. Hand Written Notes.

I learned this a few years ago in the middle of the tech geeky stuff for me. Everything was digital. Texting, E-Reading, TV and so forth. I met a group of people that liked to write each other notes. With a thing called a pen, on this ancient stuff called paper. Some even got fancy and used cards with envelopes.

Now, I’m being a little facetious to our digital age, but there is nothing like a handwritten note or letter, sent via United States Postal Service. It says that the sender was thinking about you, wanted you to know it, and didn’t mind it costing them something in the end for you to know it. And then, if you so choose, you can hold on to them for however long you desire.

I’m always thankful for the people that think about me and tell me about it. But I like it better when I can look at it over and over again.

Thanks for reading! If you so desire, check out my other 30 Days of Thanksgiving post.


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