Day 18: Books

Writing is a hard task. I’ve done for school, church and this blog. It’s hard to keep ideas flowing, sounding good, containing logical thought and so on. Writer’s block is a thing, but I guess it is for most creative types. And I don’t envy authors. To write a book seems like a daunting task to me.

thankfulSo today I’m going to say thanks to all the authors out there that power through. The one’s that love to create good content. That share their hearts and passions with an audience they may never meet. Thanks for creating works that pour wisdom, leadership and encouragement into your readers. I thankful for you.

Why? Well because books are a great source of learning. I great way to exit your normal way of thinking and be opened to a much larger world – one that doesn’t fully revolve around you. They are resources to doing things better in our lives, careers and passions. And I really believe that reading helps the mind stay sharp even though I have no scientific proof of that.

So keep reading. Or start reading. If you need somewhere to start ask someone close to you that likes to read. I’m sure you will find them somewhere.


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