Day 16: The small things in life

The small things. Those things that are in your life that you forget about, yet if they were gone, you’d miss them tremendously. You know the things I’m talking about right? Maybe it’s your favorite coffee mug. Or that place you always stop on the way home from work for a nice, ice cold Dr Pepper. Or maybe it’s that pair of jeans or those shoes.

It could even be that big small thing. The thing that if it ever left your side you wouldn’t know how to act. You couldn’t function properly because you’d be searching everywhere if you lost it, or fighting the urge, using all of your self discipline to not pick it up while having dinner with your close friends. It’s our lifeline to the world! I’m sure you’ve guessed what I’m talking about by now. Yup It’s your smartphone.


But in reality, I’m thankful for those things. The little things that make us who we are. It’s not just coffee, but the type of coffee I like that makes it mine. It’s the water bottle my friend keeps with him all the time. It’s the necklace that mom gave you that, even though it’s not worth much, it came from her.

Small things like the type of perfume my wife uses or the sandwich grandma always made me for lunch my senior year of high school. I’m thankful for the way my parents and in-laws always try to cook the food we love, or take us out to eat, when we visit.

See, these are the things that are a part of us. They don’t make us who we are, but are an intricate part of life. Just ask someone whose love language is gifts. It doesn’t matter how big one is, just the fact that you got them something that reminded you of them, that’s what matters.

So if you have a moment, take it and think of the small things that you love in your life. Are you really thankful for them? If so I would love to hear about it!


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