Worship Setlist: November 15

I love those Sundays where I don’t have to be the main player on the platform leading worship. Today was one of those..


Since I’m the “Worship Pastor” at The Bridge, what we do is under my direction. Not a job I take lightly. It’s one filled with much more than picking and singing songs for church on Sunday morning. It’s about leading others. Sometimes that involves letting others lead as well and this week, I was able to just lead half of our song set, and I like that.

Seeing others step up into leadership positions or roles, even if just for a short period of time, is something I love a great deal about in my job. I hope to make it common practice as time goes on.

Anyway, this week’s set, like much of what we are doing this month, was about hearing the voice of God. Inviting him into our lives, so he can talk to us as his children. Bold yet with kindness. Truth covered in love. Fiercely burning out the lies of the enemy yet still being gentle.

Unstoppable God – Elevation Worship
All He Says I Am – Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe
Holy Spirit – Brian and Katie Torwalt
Good Good Father – Housefires


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