Day 15: Santa’s Coming!!!

So. Are you the person that loves Christmas? Like the kind that can’t wait for Halloween to be over so the red and green can be put all over your house? Or, are you the person that can’t stand those earlier mentioned and hate to see any Christmas decor before Thanksgiving?

Me? I’ve been both of these people. Well, not the Halloween is done so Christmas goes up person, but close. Christmas for me is becoming much less about the decor and gifts and music. It’s becoming more and more about the people I choose to spend time with.

I’m thankful that the ‘Christmas Season’ is coming because I really like the people I get to interact with. It seems that most of us will put on a little extra cheer, whether it’s fake or not, and just be nicer to those we interact with. We have more of an inclination to give. That’s what I like about this season. I’m thankful that a spirit of giving and sometimes joy infiltrates our culture.

So, being a few weeks away from December, are you ready for it now, or waiting till after Thanksgiving? Just curious.


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