Day 14: Seasons of Change

Seasons. It’s something I’m not entirely used to. Growing up in South Louisiana it really felt like we had just two seasons – Summer and Christmas.


Yes, I know Christmas is not technically a season, but it feels like it at times. And then there was summer. Hot and humid pretty much all year it felt like at times. But I say all of that really just joking around. I have just never really experience a fall or spring time like it happens in other parts of the country.

But yet, I have experienced different seasons of life;

Spring – Where new things are growing. Passions are starting to spread. Everything is fresh and new. But it’s also a place where things need to be nurtured in order to not be overgrown with the weeds

Summer – This is where the hard work sets in. Our dreams or passions have grown into something that needs to be guided otherwise they can get out of hand. It’s also a time to flourish from what we’ve planted in the spring.

Fall – This is a season of change. It’s a place where our dreams are coming to a completion. Or maybe it’s really just dying off. It could also be a place where they are simply changing into something new.

Winter – This is the hardest one for me. Physically speaking, I don’t really like the cold too much. But metaphorically it’s also a hard place to be. It’s where there is no life remaining, or it’s there but dormantly awaiting the spring. This is where is seems that we have no purpose – that we are just existing until we die. But it’s also a place where newness can come. If the old didn’t die off, then there wouldn’t be a place for the new.

So that being said, I am thankful for the different seasons of life. Yes, I like some more than others as I’m sure you do. But each one serves a purpose and if we learn to tap into that purpose, then we can truly reach our own potential.


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