Day 11: Music

Music. We all love some type of music. Even if you’re a mountain man choosing the solo life. Music speaks to the soul in some form or fashion for all of us.


I’m really thankful for music in my life. You might could say I’m passionate about it. Music is what I do. I listen to it. Play air drums and air guitar to it even though some of you won’t believe that statement. I even go as far as to actually play guitar with it. But I also get to follow my passion with music – leading worship.

I’m thankful for the sounds of the guitar – heavy or soft. Dark or light. I love the guitar. It is my weapon of choice. But I also love to listen to other things as they speak different ways. The soft sound of a solo piano can speak just as loudly as the beats of the drums. Oh and don’t forget that low end bass, which is best felt instead of heard but that’s my opinion.

And yes, I can go further than the rock band. I used to play symphonic trumpet and like to enjoy the sounds of 100+ players coming together for one sound. Then throw in a beautiful string section and I’m hooked.

I love music because it is the soundtrack of life. People from all over the world have different sounds, different styles and different meanings. But through it all, it speaks to the soul.


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