Day 10: Generous People

So today I’m going to share about some dear friends of mine that are extremely generous. Some of you know who they are, and they’ll know I’m talking about them. But for the sake of privacy, I’m not going to call them out by name on the internet.


In today’s 30 Days of Thanksgiving post, I want to talk about Generous People.

Generous People blow me away most of the time. Why? Because I am naturally selfish. I want stuff for me, I want time for me, I want my space and sometimes, I think the world revolves around me. But that’s not the case with generous people.

You see, generous people give. That’s what they do. They give without strings attached. My wife and I have been blessed with a couple in our lives that do just that. They give.

For the past month or so, they have let us live with them as we’ve transitioned from one city to another. With no strings attached. They’ve allowed us to use their home, feed us, give advice, introduce us to people in the town and acquaint us to the world wide web of sports. For this I am extremely grateful. Except for maybe the sports parts… (insert winky face emoticon here).

As independent people, this is hard for my wife and I. We aren’t used to receiving lots and lots of generosity, we’re used to giving it. More-so her than I, because as I stated earlier, I’m a recovering naturally selfish person. We are used to cooking, taking out the trash, paying the bills, and all the other ‘adult’ stuff people do.

So to the family that has taken us in, know that we are thankful for you as friends, and your generosity. You have truly been a blessing to us!


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