Day 9: Church

I grew up in the bible belt. There is no question about it. I’m learning this more and more the older I grow up, but South Louisiana is definitely a part of it. Then I wound up in Shreveport, which is considered by some as the most churched city in the United States. So I’m overly familiar with Church, and I love it.


If you haven’t read my blog ever, then you might not know that I talk write a lot about Jesus, The Bible, and other religious stuff. That’s why today’s 30 Days of Thanksgiving post is on the church.

Yes, I grew up in church. Southern Baptist to be exact but then I found Jesus so now I just follow him. But I still love the church. I even wrote a post titled Why I Love the Church a while back. Click the link and you can go there. Anyway, to the point of this post. Why I’m thankful for the church…

I am thankful for the church because that’s where I was taught about Jesus. about Faith. Life. Love. It’s where I was introduced to leading worship. It’s where I see a story thousands of years old come to life.

I’m thankful for the church because many of my best friends have come from it. And I’m not talking about the friends that you’re just around. I’m talking about the ones that speak life into you. I also met my wife in the church. That’s been probably the biggest blessing in my life – to have a wife that wants to be fully devoted to Jesus.

I’m thankful for the church because I’ve been called to lead it. That in itself is a humbling task because the church, is complied of people, which he calls children. So in essence, I’m been called to lead Christ’s people. His most cherished and loved creation.

So however weird this may or may not sound to you, I am thankful for Christ’s Bride, His Church.


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