Day 7: Friends

Oh my we’ve made it a week! Can you believe it’s already November 7th and Day 7 in 30 Days of Thanksgiving? I find it hard to believe because well, I’ve never written this many blogs post in a row. Anyway, digressing to our point. Today’s post is about friends.


Yup. It’s those people that love you for who you are, especially when they don’t have to. Friends are those people that make life fun. They are similar to you, yet different enough that you enjoy the differences. Friends are the people that you can either have a deep relationship with, and talk about the darkest parts of your life yet they still stick around.

I am thankful for the few friends I have because they know me the best. They are the ones that we spend many of our life experiences with. The ones we would go to war for if they needed it. Friends are those people that you love, because you want to. Not because you have to. Those are the ones I am thankful for.


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