Day 6: Why anyone goes to Louisiana

Ettouffee. Gumbo. Jambalaya. Beignets.

These are the reasons most people go visit Louisiana. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re missing out…

So if you haven’t figured out what I’m talking about, it’s good ole Louisiana food. The cajun dishes. Spices. Rice under just about everything. Crawfish so hot you can barley sniff it and not get a runny nose from all that flavor.

I love the cooking from my home state. I grew up on it, and never want to lose my love for good, spicy food.

Yes, I moved to Texas not long ago. So maybe I’m getting a little nostalgic. Or maybe it’s wanting something I can’t readily have anymore. Like the crawfish from Steamboat Bill’s in Lake Charles. It’s now close to 7 hours away. Or maybe it’s the beignets from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. But really, it’s the fact that I can’t find the Richard’s Andouille Sausage I really love up here in my lovely North Texas grocery stores.

So for all of that, I am thankful for Louisiana food. It has made am impact on me that I will always cherish overtime I get to have some. Especially those crawfish étouffée stuffed pistolettes or a good helping of smoked boudain… (hint hint mom). I now love to cook some and share it with my Texas friends, and so far, it hasn’t disappointed.

Anyway, thanks for reading and you can find other post in this series here.


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