Day 5: The best part of waking up…

In today’s 30 days of Thanksgiving post, we’re going to be on the lighter side. Or maybe it’s the darker side. I guess it really all depends on how you take yours, straight up or with some additives.


Yeah today I am talking about most everybody’s favorite hot morning beverage, coffee. Your Cup of Joe, Liquid Caffeine, Daily Pick Me Up… you get the point.

I really like coffee, so therefore I am thankful for it. I like the smell of it first thing in the morning. I put a little sugar and milk in mine the first go round so I really like that taste when I get up. Sweet, creamy and yet still has a bite.

There’s nothing quite like sitting outside on the porch sipping a good ole cup of joe while reading a good book. Or sitting across the table from one of your good friends at a restaurant and having life giving conversations over a latte of your choice.

See I’m thankful for coffee, because it’s just one of the things that is associated with lots of joy in my life.


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