Day 4: Family


In today’s 30 Days of Thanksgiving post I’m going to write about what most people will put near the top of their list … Family.

I figure that most of us would put family somewhere on the list of things we are thankful for. But I have to ask, are we really thankful for our families? Is it a genuine thanks, or are we being polite?

I think that if we look at it further than the ‘right thing to do’ attitude, we would find that most of us are thankful for our families. So with that in mind I’ll tell you why I’m thankful for mine. And since yesterday I told you why I am thankful for my wife, so I’m going to leave her out of this post.

I am thankful for my family because without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I’m thankful that Dad taught me to work for what I have and not expect handouts. And even when people do give handouts, be appreciative. It goes a long way. I’m thankful that he taught me how to take care of my family, even if it means sacrificing what I want.

I’m thankful that Mom was always around. That she took us, and picked us up from school everyday. I didn’t have to ride that dreadful bus. She always had food on the table, was always around to lend a listening ear and still to this day, will do anything for her kids at the drop of a hat if she can.

I’m thankful for my siblings. The conversations I get to have with my brothers, though sometimes far and few between, are life giving and encouraging. I’m thankful for my sister who is always a joy to be around.

And lastly, I am thankful for my in-laws who have shown me more about generosity and unconditional love than I could have ever imagined. Why? Because they accepted me when they didn’t have too, and it keeps on coming – even when I move their daughter close to 7 hours away from home.

Well. That’s it for today. Hope you are enjoying these post and finding them encouraging!


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