Day 3: My Wife


So in continuing this 30 Days of Thanksgiving thing I’m doing, today I’m going to about someone special to me, My Wife.

I am extremely thankful for my wife. Just to put it down early, no I am not writing this for brownie points, although brownies would be nice. I’m honestly not even sure she’ll wind up reading this post because she is a very busy woman and does’t spend a ton of time reading blogs.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. I am thankful for my wife. I’m writing this one because well, I am genuinely glad she is a part of my life.

See my wife is my best friend. She’s my encourager, partner, and confidant. She is my companion and many times, my better half.

I am thankful that my wife is kind, compassionate, understanding and determined. She keeps me laughing with her enthusiastic and joyful spirit. She’s one of the most honest and hard workers I know and is extremely loyal to the people she cares deeply about. But most important to me, she is passionate about her relationship with Jesus.

So for all of that and many more, I am thankful for my wife.


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