Worship Setlist: November 1

Oh. My. Goodness.


That’s about all I know to really say about our worship gathering at The Bridge this Sunday. It was just really unbelievable.

Many of you, if you’re around the “in” or “hipster” worship crowd right have known about the song Good Good Father by Housefires for a while. It was introduced to me earlier this year and I really felt like it was time to introduce it to our church.

We have started a series that we’ve called The Voice, named after the popular tv show of the same name. But our premise is about hearing the voice of God. As a worship leader I try and somehow fit songs into certain elements of what our pastor will be speaking on. For this series I really believed that Good Good Father fits, because if we don’t believe that God is good, then why would we want to hear his voice.

And so we introduced the song. But I saw something I haven’t seen a lot of with new songs in hardly any part of the church – Engagement. Most worship leaders know new songs aren’t the easiest to engage with. But this song, at least this week, carried something special for our church family. I don’t know what The Lord is starting, but it’s going to be good because that’s who he is. And I’m really looking forward to it.

Open Up Our Eyes – Elevation Worship
One Thing Remains – Kristian Stanfill
Here’s My Heart – Crowder
Good Good Father – Housefires / Tomlin


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