Day 1: Jesus

6a00d83451638369e20120a6933495970cSo. As we start out on this journey together, I figured I would do the ‘American Christian’ thing to do and put Jesus first. I mean, that’s what all bible-belt born southern baptist do. Right? Well they may. But my purpose is much more than because ‘it’s what you do.’

See, I put Jesus first on my list not because I claim Christianity. It’s not solely because I believe in Jesus. Or even because he’s my savior.

No, I put Jesus first on this list because I genuinely try to make him the center of my life. Everything I do revolves around and through my faith in Christ. Yes, many times I fall back in my selfish ways, but I’ve seen and tasted how good life can be with Christ. I can’t let it go.

So for that I am Thankful. Thankful that he took me out of a life of following the religious rules that had been put in place in my life be me. He brought me from a life of hypocrisy, a religious leader that didn’t even know him into a life transformed by him. I am Thankful that long ago God deemed it necessary to allow his only son to die for my sins.

Through Christ I have seen my identity change. It was once one that revolved solely around what others thought about me into one that is based in what my heavenly Father says about me.

So, whether or not I sound “Christian-ese” or not doesn’t matter at this point. I am Thankful for Jesus.

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