30 Days of Thanksgiving

Well, I’ve given in to social media culture this year and have decided to attempt a ’30 Days of Thanks’ during the month of November. This post will serve as ‘Home’ for all of the 30 days, with links to the individual days. Hope you enjoy my writings during this time and please feel free to comment.

Day 1: Jesus
Day 2: Scripture
Day 3: My Wife
Day 4: Family
Day 5: The best part of waking up…
Day 6: Why anyone goes to Louisiana
Day 7: Friends
Day 8: The Land of the Free
Day 9: Church
Day 10: Generous People
Day 11: Music
Day 12: The Almighty Apple
Day 13: What Did the Dr Say?
Day 14: Seasons of Change
Day 15: Santa’s Coming!!!
Day 16: The small things in life
Day 17: Wally-world
Day 18: Books
Day 19: Old School
Day 20: Mentors
Day 21: The Apprentice
Day 22: Good Health
Day 23: The Clouds
Day 24: Hard Work
Day 25: Newness
Day 26: The Internet
Day 27: Heritage
Day 28: Fire
Day 29: Cookbooks


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