Worship Setlist: October 25

imagesHave you ever had those moments in your job where circumstances completely out of your control have the potential to be discouraging? One of those days where no matter what you do, it just isn’t working? Or you’ve planned an event, planning for the masses and only your closest friends or family show?


Confession from a worship guy – we get that way too. When time is spent planning and preparing for a worship gathering and only a few attend, it’s easy to get discouraged. It’s easy to hear the enemy say, “Nobody wants to be here” or “What you’re doing doesn’t even matter.”

That happened to me Sunday. See, I’m a dreamer, so I dream about what our Sunday gatherings could be. But then, only a few attend. And I’m sure everyone has a legitimate reason, but it still has the potential to be extremely discouraging.

But then as I’m leading, I look around and see the few genuinely worshipping The Lord. I see our very devoted group of volunteers pouring out there hearts to serve the church. Through this, The Lord reminds me that it’s not about our numbers, it’s about our hearts. He ask, “Why are you here? Solely for the numbers, or to follow me?”

So, even though this week had a vast potential to be extremely discouraging, it wasn’t in the end. The Lord just keeps reminding me that He has it under control. He is guiding our church from the leadership to our people. And that’s what we want. To be led by the Holy Spirit.

Here’s this week’s setlist;

Unstoppable God – Elevation Worship
Give Me Faith – Elevation Worship
Set a Fire – United Pursuit
Forever Reign – Krisitan Stanfill


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