What I’m reading this month: August

So August the last few years has come to be a transition month for me. Traveling with a great camp ministry during the summer seems to leave me with no job during August. Honestly, I’ve come to enjoy it. I get to read, a lot. So here’s a little update on what I’m currently reading through this month.

#1 – 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell – If you’re a leader of any kind this a must read. Filled with insight from over 40 years of leadership research and training, Maxwell is truly an expert on the subject.

#2 – Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick – This is one of those books that I believe anyone wanting to walk in faith needs to read. Furtick talks about a faith so bold and audacious that it challenges anyone with a measure of faith to trust God in what He says.

#3 – How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie – This book here is simply a classic. Written in the early 20th century, its principles are timeless as they talk about genuinely being interested in people. I strongly recommend this for anyone that deals with people on any level.

#4 For Men Only by Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn – Gentlemen, have you ever wondered if you could really really understand your wife? Then you should at least check this one out. Filled with years of research, the Feldhahns give us a lot of insight into the female mindset.

#5 The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson – Ever had a dream and were afraid that following it might destroy your life? Check out this story of a guy named Ordinary that lived in a town called Familiar.


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