Worship Together Content

Worship leaders, if you’ve never heard of worshiptogether.com you need to check it out and here’s why…

1. Worship Leader Profiles: They have done a tremendous job of compiling profiles of many worship leaders you’ve heard of and some you haven’t. It’s a great place to read and learn about the backgrounds of David Crowder, Chris Tomlin, Hillsong United, Delirious, and Aaron Shust just to name a few.

2. Songs: There are literally thousands of songs listed on worshiptogether.com. You can search songs by types, speed, themes, or keys. Popular songs are listed right next to new ones. Click on a title and it goes to the song page where you’ll find extremely valuable information such as scripture references and lyrics.

3. Videos: Worship Together has a tremendously popular segment called the New Song Cafe. Here artist are interviewed about their songs. You and I get to be the benefactor learning their heart behind writing certain lyrics and melodies. We also get to see how it can be played in a different context from the album recording. There is also a new segment called Tech Cafe for those of you that are techies.

4. Blog: The blog is a spot where you can once again find worship leader spotlights, song highlights, tech tips, worship team tips and so on. I haven’t had the chance to really dive into this yet but it seems to have lots of great content you and I can learn from.

5. Resources: Worship Together has an immense amount of resources available for you. Songbooks, CDs, DVDs, digital sheet music and so on.

Overall I really like the Worship Together content. It’s a place for us to go when we’re stuck and looking for new inspiration for whatever context we lead in. Oh, and did I mention that membership to the site is free? No? Well, it is so you should go there now.

Disclaimer – I have absolutely no affiliation with worship together other than my personal membership.  I am not getting paid to promote their product, I just really like it and think you should give a try.


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