As a worship leader I can tend to find a niche of songs that I love and really wear them out – for me and for a congregation. As of late I’ve taken the free routes such as Spotify and YouTube to find new songs.  Sometimes this is easy and sometimes its not.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been listening to The Digital Age’s new album Evening:Morning.  Many of the songs are great songs. Some are originals and some covers.  Compared to other Christian artist, these guys really try to find new sounds.  The album is deeply layered much like it was when the guys were members of the popular David Crowder Band.  I like this because they push the boundaries of the worship music genre. (On a side note, I really don’t like the term ‘worship music’ but that is what this genre is widely known as and I don’t have a better term for it yet.)

Today I want to highlight the first track titled Captured from their new album. Captured takes us through a journey of what happens when we become lost in God’s love.  It’s a feeling of being lost while being found. Rescue and freedom wash over us in his love.  To be captured in God’s love is one of the most euphoric feelings that any human can ever experience. Here’s the lyrics:

 Love, You’ve captured me again
Oh God, You steal my heart
And oh when I reach out, You’re always there

I’ve never felt more found than when I’m lost in You
My head may spin around like the stars of the night sky do

Your love has come to rescue me
Your love has to come to set me free
Your love, love is all I need
Your love

The band also did a really cool thing making the music video for this song.  First, they produced a lyric video with the song track and asked their fans to video themselves playing/singing along with it.  As a result, this is what happened:

Anyway I really like this song.  It reminds me of what it’s like to be in the midst of God’s love.  Joy. Happiness. Excitement. Friendliness. Laughter.  All these things come when we’re washed in and experiencing the Love of the Father.

To close I want to ask my worship leader friends a question.  Is this a song you would or could use in your setting?  Let us know why or why not.  I would love to hear your opinion.


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